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Xtreme give you good taste, purity and careful balance of enriched essential minerals that serves a purpose far greater than just quenching your thirst. We supplement Xtreme Drinking Water with vital minerals that are beneficial for your body and maintaining the taste of water.
Xtreme comes in various sizes and range.

Xtreme Water It's Pure

Available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre bottles packed calculatedly as per your need.

Xtreme Water Jar High Quality

Especially designed for your complete family. Your home & office needs it.

Xtreme Soda We are the best

Xtreme Soda converts your drink into stunning kick. Do blast with your drinks.

What people say

  • “My experience with the Xtreme mineral water has been very good and I prefer buying it over other mineral water brands. I dont know if its scientifically true but I think the Xtreme water actually tastes better than others.”

    Aditya Bhagat, Bhilai.
  • By the time water (municipal or ground water) reaches your tap, it may get contaminated on way which leads to common water problems .Although, water treatment plants meet 'The Safe Drinking Water Standards', but still water pollutants may be present in your tap water.
    Xtreme Mineral Water solves this problem with the good range of products.

    Tarun Rajput, Raipur
  • Xtreme Water is well balanced and rich in good minerals providing a versatile,
    refreshing water with a subtlety sweet flavour

    Anil Chouksey, Korba

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